Who I am as your photographer

I’m gonna start off by saying I’m like... prrrreeetty into my couples (seriously though, you guys are the freakin’ best) and I know I’m not supposed to brag but I’mma brag because I’m also a pretty big fan of my approach to wedding photography. My style is an intersection of photojournalism and art - two of my great loves; and my goal is to make you and your bad selves look and feel cool as hell. 

I am also an artist, so making meaningful and dang good work means everything to me. Trust me, I’m as invested in knocking this out of the park for you guys as you are!  This means that a big part of working with me involves trust. It’s a lot to put that much trust in someone to handle one of the most important days of your life, but I couldn’t do my job without it. I’ve worked hard to learn light and composition and I’m my happiest when I get to use these tools to make you guys look like total badasses.

In booking me, you’re getting the whole shebang. A bespoke experience. You’re getting wedding photos that don’t just look like everyone else’s, and what’s on Pinterest. You’re getting wedding photos that look like what it felt like to be there, on that day. Your day.  Heart beating out of your chest, sweaty palms, tears of laughter and all. I might pull you away from the party for a few minutes (when I’m not catchin all your guests leaving it all on the dance floor) for some perfect light or a crazy shot idea I have, but that’s what makes it worth the while - wedding photos that are 100% rad, and 110% you.


Shot by Lauren Apel Photo


not just a photographer, also a human...

  1. I was born in Texas, but I was raised in Australia (thanks mum + dad!) So I have two passports and WILL travel wherever you want to go as your unofficial adopted child or photographer or whatever. 

  2. I’ve never met a plant I didn’t like / couldn’t accidentally kill (forreal tho 50% of the plants in my house are now fake and nobody would know because I keep switching my real ones out with fake ones when they die, sooooo...)

  3. I use the word "gremlin" a lot. Mostly in relation to myself and my dearest friends.

  4. Cheese boards are my personal brand of self-care.

  5. I'm extra susceptible to the feels. I mean would I be in the biz if I wasn’t? Have been known to cry watching things like heart medication advertisements because any kind of ad with old folks just gets me in my feels. Dad speeches are my kryptonite.

  6. I’m a semi-classic Aries if you’re into that kind of horoscope thing. “Semi” in that I’m super driven and highly goal-oriented, but I’m also really flexible. Like to a fault. More flexible than a whacky flailing inflatable tube man.

Learn more about me in my interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine, here.


Meet the boys in my life

6G6A6275 copy.jpg


Jacob and I have been together for 4 years now, and in fact we just moved into a cute little house together. Nothing says "I don't mind your presence" like moving in together. We met in college at an adult onesie party - which is why I LIVE for a good meet-cute. He's the logical to my emotional and I love him for it.



Tucker trotted into our lives last summer, and then promptly off and away into the sunset, stealing our hearts along with him. Just kidding. But not really, this gremlin is an A-grade escape artist. His favourite activities include swimming, stealing other dog's toys and farting.


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Q & A


How do I get all my images?


I deliver all of my images to you in a personalized online gallery, which can be accessed for up until a year from the shoot date. Images can be downloaded in both high-resolution for print and web resolution for social media.


Is the retainer fee refundable?


To book, I take a retainer fee and a signed contract. For weddings, the retainer is 25% of the total cost and I’m all yours, and for all other sessions it is 50%. The retainer fee is non-refundable. In the event that you need to re-schedule, the retainer fee can be applied to the new date.


How do you accept payment?


I prefer to accept payment by credit card or bank draft. This is usually the quickest and easiest method (for you and for me.) However, I can also accept payments via PayPal or check. 


Does it cost to have you travel?


For out of state weddings and international destinations, get in contact and we can discuss a flat travel fee or make arrangements. For most US weddings +$1000 on any package covers all of my travel, transportation and accommodation needs. However, clients are welcome to make arrangements for sharing or can take care of transportation/accommodation on their own to cut costs.


How many images can we expect?


While I do not like to limit myself (or you) to a set number of images from our shoot, I usually shoot around 600+ images for 8+ hour weddings, and up to 200 images for all other shoots. If I shoot more awesome stuff from your day, you get more. Win - win!


What do we do if it's raining at our session or wedding day?


I’m a huge advocate for sticking it out. It is Texas, so the weather can change minute-by-minute! If the weather turns inclement for a session and you get in contact with me by the day before our shoot at the latest I’d be happy to try and re-schedule for a better day, my schedule permitting. If it’s your wedding day or the session is unable to be re-scheduled we’ll just roll with the punches and shoot around it, in it, or find comparable indoor/covered spots. Don’t you worry - I’m not afraid to get my feet a little wet if you aren’t! 


Do we need a second shooter?


This totally varies with each couple, and wedding day. With larger guest counts and moving parts, I feel more comfortable and you feel more comfortable with that extra pair of eyes, trust. Fewer guests is generally more manageable, but if you have a shorter time frame of coverage, or if you’re planning on having some travel between the venue and where you two are getting ready, it’s a good idea to book a second shooter to make sure every moment is captured. Get in touch and we’ll chat about this.


Do you offer prints or albums?


I offer prints and I am in the process of beginning to offer albums! I also include a print release in every package and session, so feel free to have any of the high-res images from your session printed through a print service provider of your choice. You can order prints directly through your online gallery, or I can also offer recommendations for print service providers. 


What kind of equipment do you shoot with and is it insured?


I shoot with two cameras - a Canon 5D mk III and Canon 5D mk IV, and 3-4 versatile lenses. I prefer to shoot in mostly natural light, but I also bring a lighting setup for low light (usually during indoor receptions and after dark.) All of my equipment is insured, and I am also covered by comprehensive liability insurance. 


What do I wear to my shoot?


So glad you asked! I have a bunch of Pinterest boards dedicated to this that I can send you. Here are some quick tips - if you’re doing bridals or a before/after wedding shoot it doesn’t hurt to invest in the works... flowers, hair, makeup. For engagements, couples sessions and portraits, I have a ton of examples on Pinterest that can help you look your best.