Valerie Thompson Photography

wedding photos that are 100% rad and 110% you.

I’m the number one fan in your fan club (foam finger and all) when it comes to preparing for this huge day in your lives, and I want to know what makes you and your love who you are, just like I want you guys to get to know me. I want all of my couples to be as comfortable and at-ease as possible, so meeting my couples and establishing a connection is supes important to me.

I am also an artist, so making meaningful and dang good work means everything to me. Trust me, I’m as invested in knocking this out of the park for you guys as you are!  This means that a big part of working with me involves trust. It’s a lot to put that much trust in someone to handle one of the most important days of your life, but I couldn’t do my job without it. I’ve worked hard to learn light and composition and I’m my happiest when I get to use these tools to make you guys look like total badasses.

In booking me, you’re investing in wedding photos that don’t just look like everyone else’s, and what’s on Pinterest. You’re investing in wedding photos that look like what it felt like to be there, that you can use to remember that day for years to come. I might pull you away from the party for a few minutes for some perfect light or a crazy shot idea I have, but that’s what makes it worth the while - wedding photos that are 100% rad, and 110% you.


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