Valerie Thompson

Wedding photos that are 100% rad, and 110% you.
Based in Texas and down to hang worldwide.


Shot by India Earl. Edited by me.


Hi, I'm Valerie.


One time I got 40 fire ant bites on my legs from rolling around in the weeds during a photoshoot, and I regret (almost) nothing. This is just who I am. I'm pretty un-fancy and I'm pretty ok with it.

You could say I’m pretty into my couples (seriously though, you guys are the freakin' best) and I know I’m not supposed to brag but I'mma brag because I’m a pretty big fan of my approach to wedding photography. My style is an intersection of photojournalism and art - two of my great loves; and my goal is to make you and your bad selves look and feel cool as hell. But I’m also extra susceptible to the feels. I mean would I be in the biz if I wasn’t? So, you bet your hiney I’ll shed a few tears behind my camera at your wedding, and I'll capture all the laughing/crying/knee-slapping stuff too. Trust me, it’s not my RBF, it’s that I’m trying really hard not to ugly cry at that speech your father/brother/sister/mother/best friend just made. Or I'm trying to conceal my literal tears of laughter at someone's random uncle dropping it low on the d-floor.

Learn more about me in my interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine, here.


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