Photos by Kaila Sarene Photography + Paisley Layne Photography.

Photos by Kaila Sarene Photography + Paisley Layne Photography.


not just a photographer, also a human...


Hi, I'm Valerie.

One time I got 40 fire ant bites on my legs from rolling around in the weeds during a photoshoot, and I regret (almost) nothing. This is just who I am. I'm pretty un-fancy and I'm pretty ok with it.

I was born in Texas, but I was raised in Australia (thanks mum + dad!) So I have two passports and WILL travel wherever you want to go as your unofficial adopted child or photographer or whatever. I’ve never met a plant I didn’t like / couldn’t accidentally kill (for real tho 50% of the plants in my house are now fake and nobody would know because I keep switching my real ones out with fake ones when they die, sooooo...) I use the word "gremlin" a lot. Mostly in relation to myself and my dearest friends. And like a true South Aussie, my love of red wine runs deep. Like an entire wine bottle deep... give or take depending on if I'm watching Bachelor in Paradise (which IS better than the regular Bachelor, I stand by this - haters begone.)

You could say I’m pretty into my couples (seriously though, you guys are the freakin' best) and I know I’m not supposed to brag but I'mma brag because I’m a pretty big fan of my approach to wedding photography. My style is an intersection of photojournalism and art - two of my great loves; and my goal is to make you and your bad selves look and feel cool as hell. But I’m also extra susceptible to the feels. I mean would I be in the biz if I wasn’t? So, you bet your hiney I’ll shed a few tears behind my camera at your wedding, and I'll capture all the laughing/crying/knee-slapping stuff too. Trust me, it’s not my RBF, it’s that I’m trying really hard not to ugly cry at that speech your father/brother/sister/mother/best friend just made. Or I'm trying to conceal my literal tears of laughter at someone's random uncle dropping it low on the d-floor.




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