What I'm about...

Dallas wedding photographer

Hi, I'm Valerie.

I was born a Texas girl, but I was raised in and have spent most of my life in Australia. 

I'm about warm shadows. I'm about the first and last light of the day. I'm about doing absurd things to get "the shot".  In my spare time, I enjoy making coffee, drinking coffee, thinking about coffee, and bringing home plants I don't have room for in my apartment. Aside from taking photos of really cool people, I am enthusiastic about typography, neon signs, and a full-bodied Shiraz. 

One time I got 40 fire ant bites on my legs from rolling around in the weeds during a photoshoot, and I regret (almost) nothing. This is just who I am. If you also like to get your feet a little wet - if trying something a little different is your middle name - let's get together and make beautiful photos.





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